Blackjack Hall of Fame

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Al Francesco
One of the founders of the concept of blackjack teams and one of the most highly respected blackjack players in the history of the game.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin
A mathematician and theoretical pioneer and author of the classic book The Theory of Blackjack.

Arnold Snyder
A former professional player and author and editor of Blackjack Forum quarterly.  He revolutionized the ways professional card counters attacked the game.

Edward O. Thorp
Author of the 1960s classic Beat the Dealer, which changed the way we think about blackjack.  He is considered by many as the Father of Card Counting.

Ken Uston
A professional player and author who popularized the concept of team play. Author of several books on blackjack including Million Dollar Blackjack.

Stanford Wong
Blackjack author and analyst who popularized the strategy known as “Wonging”.  Author of several books and newsletters, aimed at serious and professional players.

Tommy Hyland
Manager of one of the longest-running blackjack teams who have taken millions out of the casinos.

Max Rubin
Expert and author, known for media reporting about gambling events and exposing weaknesses in the casinos’ comp systems.

Keith Taft
Inventor who manufactured the first legal hidden computerized devices to aid advantage play.

Julian Braun
A pioneering author who used computers to analyze blackjack statistics.

Lawrence Revere
Author of Playing Blackjack as a Business and a blackjack teacher.

James Grosjean
Computer analyst and professional player and author of the classic Beyond Counting.

John Chang
Former manager of the MIT Blackjack Team, which has won millions from casinos around the world.

The Four Horsemen of Aberdeen

Roger Baldwin, Wilbert Cantey, Herbert Maisel & James McDermott

“The Four Horsemen of Aberdeen”

Richard W. Munchkin
A professional blackjack player and backgammon expert, author, film director and producer.  Co-host of the Gambling With an Edge podcast.

Darryl Purpose
A former professional advantage player who played on Ken Uston’s early blackjack teams.  Today, he concentrates on song writing and his music career.

Zeljko Ranogajec
Professional gambler from Australia and a former blackjack professional player.

Ian Andersen
Expert, professional player and author of two classic books for high stakes card counters.

Robert Nersesian
A Las Vegas lawyer specializing in lawsuits by players against casinos and an advocate for advantage player rights.

Don Schlesinger

Don Schlesinger
Researcher, columnist and long-time blackjack player.  Author of the book Blackjack Attack, a favorite among professional blackjack players.

Bill Benter
A former blackjack team manager and handicapping horse-racing expert.

Don Johnson
Yes, he beat the Atlantic City casinos for over $15 million.

Wally Simmons
A legendary blackjack and horse handicapping pro.

Rob Reitzen

Cofounder of CORE, a California corporation that “banked” the Native American blackjack games in the state. Innovator of a style of play called the “Hammer”.

Anthony Curtis

Anthony Curtis
Professional blackjack and tournament player and one of the most successful publishers of professional gambling books in history.

Cathy Hulbert

Cathy Hulbert

A former Czech blackjack team member. Selected by Card Player Magazine in 1996, as one of the best and smartest card players in the world. Featured in the Gambling Wizards book.

Blair Hull

Blair Hull


A big player in Al Francesco’s blackjack team in the mid-’70s.  Responsible for the Hall of Fame’s success in forming its own 501-C3 Charitable Foundation. Recipient of the first “Ed Thorp Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Maria the Greek

Maria “The Greek”


Maria is the co-founder and one-time manager of “The Greeks” blackjack team. 

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