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Previous Blackjack Cup Champions

1997 – 2022

  • James Grosjean (3)
  • Richard Munchkin (3)
  • Bradley “Diamond Mike” Petersen (2)
  • Wally Simmons
  • MIT Ted
  • Honcho
  • Maria “The Greek”
  • Mr. Lucky
  • Mr. Yuk
  • The Moray Eel aka “Bongo Pie Pace”
  • Smoke
  • Wizard of Odds
  • Big Player
  • Rick “Nighttrain” Blaine
  • Lee Jensen
  • Anthony Curtis
  • Wahoo
  • Tony S.
  • Arnold Snyder
  • Darryl Purpose

What is the difference between the Blackjack Cup and the Grosjean Cup?

For more detailed information on past Blackjack Ball winners, check out

Grosjean Cup 2017

The 89 pound 2017 Grosjean Cup for the World’s Greatest Blackjack Player was won by “Anthony Curtis”. Finally opened at the 2020 after party. Unfortunately, the champagne had gone bad. New Grosjean Cup rule #1: Drink it within one year!

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