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Darryl Purpose
A former professional advantage player who played on Ken Uston’s early blackjack teams.  Today, he concentrates on song writing and his music career.

Darryl Purpose

Darryl Purpose played on some of Ken Uston’s early blackjack teams. Uston told Arnold Snyder that Darryl was the best card counter he’d ever met. “Darryl could count down a deck in eight seconds,” he said.“Always with 100% accuracy.”

Years later, Snyder asked Al Francesco, the man who’d taught Ken Uston how to count cards, if it was true what Uston had said about Darryl. Al concurred and said that players on his teams often bet against each other in speed counting contests and Darryl always won the money.

Darryl is another well-rounded professional player who has played with many of the biggest and most successful blackjack teams, but has also branched out into more esoteric areas. He was a highly successful player in the online casinos prior to the 2006 federal law prohibiting online transactions.

Darryl now concentrates more on his music career than his gambling career. A folk singer and acoustic guitar player, since 1996, Darryl has released 8 music CDs.

For an in-depth perspective on Darryl’s gambling career, see Richard Munchkin’s Interview with Darryl Purpose from the Winter 2005 edition of Blackjack Forum.



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