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Bill Benter
A former blackjack team manager and handicapping horse-racing expert.

Bill Benter

Bill Benter began his professional gambling career as a card counter in Las Vegas. Within a few years he had gone on to devise his own methods for more esoteric blackjack strategies, like shuffle tracking and ace location, as well as concealed computer play.

Bill joined forces with another card counter, Alan Woods, and developed an interest in handicapping horse races. This turned out to be something Benter was not just good at, but exceptionally brilliant at when it came to the computer analysis of past race results to predict future results.

Benter really made his mark as a professional gambler when he moved to Hong Kong in the mid-80s and used computer modeling to tackle the Hong Kong racetracks. The thought that one man (with a small group of friends) could make hundreds of millions of dollars betting on the ponies was inconceivable prior to Bill Benter’s phenomenal success in Hong Kong.

Bill Benter is more widely known now as a philanthropist, as he donates a lot of money to charities and political causes.


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